Provocative. New. Different. OPazija is the place where the best of the traditional Mediterranean and exotic Asia join in one, creating new and memorable culinary experience.
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Indulge your senses and taste the finest wines Croatia has to offer

At the OPazija you can find a selection of top-quality wines from the various Croatian regions. For us wine represents perfection in every drop. Take a voyage through the picturesque vineyards of the Croatian countryside and explore the best our domestic wine s have to offer, enjoying every glass as a unique experience. OPazija is the place where your wine odyssey begins and ends.



    A lively wine with a fresh, dry, elegant taste.

    125 kn/19 kn
  • Malvazija Benvenuti 0.75 l / 0.10 l, Quality Wine, Central Istria wine region

    A fresh mineral wine from terraced vineyards with white soil. Full-flavoured with an exquisite fruity taste and gentle green reflexes.

    145 kn / 21 kn
  • Malvazija Kozlović 0.75 l / 0.10 l, Quality Wine, Western Istria wine region

    Straw-yellow in colour with a greenish reflection, clear and fairly consistent. The scent is fruity and floral, the taste is dry, soft, fresh and rather salty, medium-bodied, balanced and harmonious. The aftertaste is reminiscent of almonds.

    155 kn / 24 kn
  • Malvazija Coronica 0.75 l / 0.10 l, Quality Wine, Western Istria wine region

    A full, stable Malvasia variety with a well-rounded floral scent and a mild resin note. A very simple, smooth wine that will meet the high expectations of Malvasia lovers.

    145 kn / 22 kn
  • Malvazija Meneghetti 0.75 l / 0.10 l, Quality Wine, Western Istria wine region

    Malvazija paired with notes of Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay. Extremely smooth, silky and full-flavoured in the mouth, with notes of ripe fruit in its final aromatic persistence. Nevertheless, its composition abounds in little secrets that create the diversity of a wine to remember. Very direct and full of charms, just like the scents of summer.

    155 kn / 24 kn
  • Malvazija San Tomaso 0.75 l / 0.10 l, Quality Wine, Western Istria wine region

    Very pleasant scent with mild floral notes complemented by delicate citrus aromas. Excellent, young harmonious quality.

    130 kn / 19 kn
  • Malvazija Antica Roxanich 0.75 l, Quality Wine, Western Istria wine region

    Non-filtered quality dry wine of controlled origin aged in wooden barrels. Rich in structure and full-flavoured due to a period of ageing after the first filling.

    252 kn
  • Žlahtina, Šipun 0.75 l / 0.10 l, Quality Wine, Krk wine region

    Indigenous wine from Vrbnik on the island of Krk, with a gentle, breezy and fresh character and a fruity flavour.

    145 kn / 21 kn
  • Chardonnay, Radovan 0.75 l / 0.10 l, Quality Wine, Western Istria wine region

    Comes with an expressive bouquet of attractive fruit flavours, such as nectarines, lemons and apples, making this a very smooth and refreshing wine.

    145 kn / 21 kn
  • Rajnski Rizling, Korak 0.75 l / 0.10 l, Quality Wine, Pleševica wine region

    Rich in floral and fruit flavours with a pleasant acidity, earning this wine the title of the “king of white wines” in the continental part of Croatia.

    185 kn / 27 kn
  • Pošip, Grgić 0.75 l, Premium Wine, Pelješac wine region

    Made from the famous white Pošip grape which grows most successfully in the area of Čara on the island of Korčula. This is one of the greatest white wines of southern Croatia.

    255 kn
  • Graševina Krauthaker Mitrovac 0.75 l / 0.10 l, Premium Wine, Kutjevo wine region

    A wine with a perfectly clear scent, at the nose moderately strong and inviting, the taste is rather direct and attractive but also very complex, harmonious and elaborate. This wine will particularly delight lovers of somewhat sweeter tones.

    175 kn / 25 kn


  • Rose, Kabola 0.75 l / 0.10 l, Quality Wine, Western Istria wine region

    Semi-dry wine produced from Teran grapes, an indigenous Istrian variety that is characterised by a strong, harmonious, round body.

    145 kn / 20 kn


  • Merlot, Ravalico 0.75 l / 0.10 l, Quality Wine, Western Istria wine region

    Ruby-red colour with purple reflexes. A delightful bouquet of flavours with a well-balanced tannic note

    155 kn / 23 kn
  • Merlot, Meneghetti 0.75 l / 0.10 l, Quality Wine, Western Istria wine region

    Merlot with a minimal addition of Cabernet Sauvignon. A wine with a full ruby colour and a purple reflection. Intense scent with a pronounced fruity character dominated by plum and berry aromas. Fresh and elegant on the palate.

    155 kn / 23 kn
  • Teran, Coronica 0.75 l / 0.10 l, Quality Wine, Western Istria wine region

    A full-red-coloured 100% Teran wine. It is produced every year and left to mature in wooden barrels for a short period of time.

    155 kn / 23 kn
  • Gran Teran Coronica 0.75 l Premium Wine, Western Istria wine region

    A red wine of an attractive, dense and brilliant ruby red colour. Its scent is characterised by ripe forest fruit aromas interwoven with notes of smokiness. A full, rounded wine with a taste of ripe forest fruits, cinnamon, cloves and smoke. The careful selection of the best grapes and attentive cellaring are an integral part of the character of this wine.

    265 kn
  • Matošević, Grimalda 0.75 l, Quality Wine, Western Istria wine region

    A blend of Merlot and Teran. A terroir wine with the pronounced freshness and minerality of a Bordeaux style that leaves a long-lasting taste in the mouth.

    250 kn
  • Crni Pinot, Bolfan 0.75 l / 0.10 l, Premium Wine, Zlatar wine region

    Premium wine with a ruby-red colour and notes of black chocolate and caramel as well as fruit notes of blueberry and red currant. Strong body, but at the same time soft, the result of ageing in wood.

    175 kn / 25 kn
  • Zlatan Plavac, Plenković 0.75 l/ 0.10 l, Premium Wine, wine region Hvar

    Premium wine with a dark ruby colour and a sophisticated bouquet. Made from the Plavac Mali grape at Sveta Nedjelja.

    225 kn / 33 kn
  • Cabernet Sauvignon, Boškinac 0.75 l, Premium Wine, Pag wine region

    This excellent red wine was made from two French varieties, a structured Cabernet Sauvignon and an elegant and soft Merlot, which found perfect microclimatic conditions for their growth on the island of Pag.

    405 kn
  • Roxanich, Super Istrian 0.75 l, Quality Wine, Western Istria wine region

    A Cuvée of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Gamay. Dark ruby colour. Pleasant aroma of violets and ripe cherries, understated notes of fine wood, tangerine, and smoky blueberry aromas. Delicious sweetness of extracts with traces of chocolate and a delicious strawberry aftertaste.

    290 kn
  • Sv. Roko Saint Hills 0.75 l, Premium Wine, Neretva wine region

    Plavac from a distinctive terroir in Komarna, a unique location in the Neretva wine region. Completely dry yet delicious. The taste is dominated by a pleasant fruitiness with minerality appropriate to the age of the vineyard. This is a full-bodied wine with a harmonious ending and the pronounced tannins typical of Plavac.

    345 kn
  • Dingač, Saint Hills 0.75 l, Premium Wine, Pelješac wine region

    An aroma reminiscent of ripe red berries, a dark ruby red colour, and an opulent and rich taste that will satisfy even the most demanding palates.

    455 kn


  • Muškat, Kozlović 0.50 l / 0.10 l, Quality Wine, Western Istria wine region

    Straw yellow in colour. Fine fruity and floral aromas dominated by candied orange, wildflowers and especially elderberries. Muškat Kozlović is regarded as one of the best Muscats from Istria.

    165 kn / 33 kn
  • Corona Grande, Benvenuti 0.375 l, Dessert Wine, Western Istria wine region

    A blend of Malvasia and Muscat and the indigenous Ulavna variety. A particularly sweet wine with subtle notes of honey that give it a distinctive aftertaste.

    165 kn
  • Sorbus, Kozlović 0.50 l, Dessert Wine, Western Istria wine region

    Intense yellow-golden colour with a strong and intense fragrance and taste. This is a very sweet wine with a slight hint of spiciness.

    200 kn


  • Tomac, Millennium 0.75 l / 0.10 l, brut, Pleševica Tomac wine region

    This sparkling wine is made from a combination of 70% ancient varieties from Plješevica and 30% Chardonnay. It is characterised by a distinctive freshness and youthful liveliness.

    210 kn / 30 kn
  • Peršurić, Misal 0.75 l / 0.10 l, Rose Sec, Western Istria wine region

    Made from Pinot noir with the addition of Istrian Malvazija and a small part of Chardonnay. A very sophisticated semi-dry sparkling wine with a nice floral note.

    225 kn / 33 kn
  • Clai 0.75 l, Extra Brut, Western Istria wine region

    Produced using the traditional method (méthode champenoise) of bottle fermentation. Consists of 50% Chardonnay, 40% Plavina (an old Istrian variety) and 10% Malvazija.

    295 kn
  • Freixenet, Carta Nevada 0.20 l, Semi Seco, Spain/Penedes Freixenet

    55 kn


  • Moet & Chandon 0.75 l, Brut Imperial Champagne, France Moet & Chandon

    A champagne full of fresh apple and citrus aromas, golden-yellow in colour with a tinge of green.

    750 kn

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