OPazija | Tasting Menu
Provocative. New. Different. OPazija is the place where the best of the traditional Mediterranean and exotic Asia join in one, creating new and memorable culinary experience.
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Cold Starter

Tris OPazija
Beefsteak carpaccio with grated black truffles, sheep’s milk cheese with peanuts, marinated anchovies on baguette

Hot starter

Istrian risotto
Shrimp risotto with dried tomatoes, olives and parmesan chips

Main course

Rump steak with tempura vegetables
Grilled rump steak marinated with five spices served on reduced  balsamic vinegar,  tempura vegetables enriched with chives and cornflakes in Madeira sauce


Baked apples with ice cream
Butter-baked apples with cinnamon, vanilla ice cream and peanut crumbs


Cold Starter

Tris OPazija
Seabass tartar, octopus salad, anchovies on baguette with citrus and olive oil emulsion and seaweed powder

Hot starter

Spicy black tagliatelle
Black tagliatelle with spicy sauce of scampi marinated in honey and chili

First main course

Seabream filet with beetroot risotto
Gilthead seabream filet in a crust of almonds served with roasted beetroot risotto and julienne seaweed

Second main course

Veal tournedos with wok vegetables
Veal tournedos in Teran wine and soy sauce with wok vegetables, potato chips and radish sprouts


Chocolate mousse
Chocolate mousse with strawberry coulis

Embark to a journey of exiting cross-cultural sensorial discovery.

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