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Provocative. New. Different. OPazija is the place where the best of the traditional Mediterranean and exotic Asia join in one, creating new and memorable culinary experience.
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Restaurant OPazija

Provocative. New. Different.

The cuisine is rooted in the Mediterranean heritage, which emphasizes fresh seasonal food and full-flavoured ingredients. This is where the culinary journey begins. From here we travel to far-off lands, enriching our gourmet sensations with exotic sauces and powerful spices, resulting in provocative dishes.

Chef Hajato is highly passionate about the sea, nature, gastronomy and eastern culture. Driven by challenges, he turns his creative energy into unforgettable trans-continental experiences. His aim is to explore all the gastronomic possibilities of locally-sourced ingredients, combining a classical foundation with eastern cooking techniques and exotic spices.


Who cooks for you?


Enjoy chef`s commitment to fresh locally-sourced ingredients and farm-to-table preparation that comes with every dish.


Discover creative meals that enliven the palate with powerful flavors and seductive aromas.


Let us seduce you through the intriguing fusion of local culinary heritage with the exotic sauces and powerful spices of Asia.


With every season we are new and different. Enjoy unique creations and sensory experiences tailored to the time of year.

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